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David Harvey on Karl Marx

aus Wikimedia Commons

David Harvey (Quelle: Wikimedia Commons)

A Colleague, Jonathan Heaney at NIU Galway, posted this a while ago and seeing I almost got locked into watching it because it was so intriguing I repost it here and go back to work. Basically, David Harvey‘s lectures on Marx’s Capital are available freely on the net and a great experience for those willing to listen. Enjoy!

Fermat’s challenge

Pierre de Fermat (Quelle: Wikimedia Commons)

Pierre de Fermat (Quelle: Wikimedia Commons)

I shouldn’t and won’t ever claim to be as brilliant as Fermat. When he scribbled his famous theorem by the margins of a book he was reading (or so the legend goes), he was certainly referring to a proof that he had somewhere on paper and not just an idea. Else, he might have felt like I do right now. Weiterlesen