Other stuff

Life is not just academics and theories, of course. Which is why I also do other stuff.

German Protestant Kirchentag

Kirchentag 2007 - Quelle: Hardo Müller/Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA

Kirchentag 2007 – Quelle: Hardo Müller/Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA

In summer 2012 I was asked to participate in organizing a Forum on Internet and Society for the Kirchentag in Hamburg 2013. The Kirchentag is a biannual event at which people come together to discuss politics, economics, religion and stuff and celebrate together. While, surely, it would be too much to expect such events to change the world, I believe the Kirchentag to be one exciting and productive venue for political debate. I gladly agreed to contribute to making the Internet one of the debated topics. It is a challenge to bring such an important issue, that has yet to take hold in mainstream consciousness as one of the key issue of our time, to such a long standing institution. Of course, the forum could only be a first step. In June 2013 – in the course of the detailed evaluation of the event – I was elected to bring my ideas to the Präsidialversammlung of the Kirchentag, which participates in shaping the issues and formats of coming events. Two Kirchentage, 2015 in Stuttgart and 2017 in Berlin/Wittenberg, will take place during my elective term and I look forward to doing my part.

Internet & Society Co:llaboratory e.V.

I got involved with the Internet &  Gesellschaft Co:llaboratory when it was still a Google project in 2010. As an ‘expert’ I participated in the 4th Initiative, which explored issues of Privacy and Public Life.

Visual Recording of the Final Workshop of the Initiative - CC-BY I&G Co:llaboratory

Visual Recording of the Final Workshop of the Initiative – CC-BY I&G Co:llaboratory

I was amazed, both by the expertise that was assembled and by the speed and intensity with which we explored, debated and published our thoughts on the topic – and I ended up staying involved. I became a member of the Steering Group in Spring 2012 and a founding members of the independent Verein a little after that. Finally, in Fall 2012 I became the chairwoman and gladly took on the task of facilitating the transition of the Co:llaboratory from a project to an organisation. It was a challenging and time-consuming task, but I don’t regret taking it on. I got to work with so many smart, committed people involved in so many different exciting projects, that this alone is worth it. I am glad I got to make a valuable contribution to building a sustainable organization. I gave up my position as chairwoman in November 2013 in order to finally have more time for my other projects, but I will stay involved and look forward to seeing the developing dynamics this project takes on.

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