About this blog

This blog was born out of the regret felt at the loss of a perfectly interesting idea, because there was just no place to put it or time to take it further. It is my small project for all those things that I would like to say but that don’t make it into papers (yet), that are incomplete or preliminary or, sometimes, not all that important. It is also the place where I want to reflect on my ongoing work. Because I believe that context matters I also include information about my previous projects, publications and the like on the site.

I am doing this for myself and all those who might enjoy reading it. As you can see, I started this project once in 2011 and then abandoned it for while. I am returning to it in summer 2013 with more resolve (as the idea did not stop intriguing me) and, for now, some time and lots of interesting stuff going on. I hope, some of my thoughts inspire or provoke and look forward to all you reactions. Please enjoy!