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Just for fun

Sometimes it is important to just go out and listen to some interesting thoughts by someone who is, well, interesting. So I did last Thursday and went to Gayatri Spivak‘s talk at the Center for Area Studies here in Berlin.

It was entitled An Aesthetic Education in the Era of GlobalizationWeiterlesen

Mechanisms or how to speak to empiricists

I think of myself as a theorist. And although I would claim that I have a basic understanding of the methodological and organisational difficulties facing empirical scientists, I still find it a challenge to make my theory speak to them.

Today I had the opportunity, together with some colleagues, to engage in an informal exchange with Jeffrey Checkel, who has been working on transnationalism for quite some time and is currently focusing on the transnational/social dynamics of civil war. It was an interesting and informing discussion and he was helpfully open to our different approaches and problems.