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Feminism and theory

My twitter timeline is a lovely place. Journalists, scientists and revolutionaries make me feel like the world is really quite OK. They also provide me with inspiration, sometimes quite unexpected. This morning I read a conversation between @monaeltahawy and @Karnythia (who is not actually in my timeline, but maybe should be), that went something like this: 20131217-143619.jpg   Weiterlesen

Fermat’s challenge

Pierre de Fermat (Quelle: Wikimedia Commons)

Pierre de Fermat (Quelle: Wikimedia Commons)

I shouldn’t and won’t ever claim to be as brilliant as Fermat. When he scribbled his famous theorem by the margins of a book he was reading (or so the legend goes), he was certainly referring to a proof that he had somewhere on paper and not just an idea. Else, he might have felt like I do right now. Weiterlesen

An instance of…. #1

Some students from Münster, Germany, took the Winner song of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (written by the American Julie Frost and John Gordorn from Denmark and sung by just-out-of-high-school-student Lena Meyer-Landrut from Hannover, Germany), wrote a new German text and turned it into a fan song and video for the German team at the Fifa World Cup in South Africa. Weiterlesen