Completed Projects

It is hard to say, when a research project is ever really completed. In many ways the questions evolve rather than getting final answers. Still, some things get officially finished at some point, for example

Soft Governing

Weiche SteuerungFrom 2005 to 2011 I worked with Prof. Gerhard Göhler at the Freie Universität Berlin on his project on “Weiche Steuerung” (which after some deliberation we decided to translate as “Soft Governing”). The project aimed to ground the way we theorize horizontal modes of governance in modern power theories, thus alleviating the power blindness of much of governance theory and providing new analytical tools for understanding modes of governance that work horizontally rather than hierarchically. We drew on a broad range of power theories, including Foucault, Laclau/Mouffe, Habermas and Bourdieu and arrived at three more specific modes of soft governing – governing through discursive practices, governing through arguments and governing through symbols. The results were published in an edited book and a joint journal article in particular – and of course included in other papers we each published separately. I had the pleasure of following this project all the way through from the initial stages of designing the project proposal to publishing the results upon its planned completion – and, in fact, clearing the office ;-) . Regrettably, the results are published in German, a fact I would like to remedy at some point. So, I guess, even this is not quite finished.

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