Current Projects

Networked Identities (working title)

Building on my previous research, I am currently developing a new research agenda which will focus on the challenges identities face under conditions of increased connectedness. The underlying presumption is, that networking does not just change the way we interact with others, but also the way we understand, position and construct ourselves. While there is already a good empirical basis for understanding these processes theoretical conceptions of identity and self remain curiously vague. Given the interdependence between understandings of the self and the ways we live together this appears to be a major oversight.

The project has been waiting for some time, but I am again seizing the chance of using my teaching to get ahead this summer.

Global Privacy Governance

Together with my colleague Jörg Pohle at the Humboldt Institut for Internet & Society in Berlin I am still working on issues of Global Privacy Governance. We have put together a volume, in which young, international researchers from a wide range of disciplines present their ideas. The volume is under review with Athabasca University Press at the moment and we are hoping to have it out in early 2017.

Power and Globalization – Patterns of Order in a Globalizing World

My longest running project centers around my dissertation and seeks to develop the concept of power into productive analytical tool for understanding the more fluid patterns of order characterizing our globalizing world. Many of these ideas I have presented a conferences and some of these papers are available through my list of publications. The 2011 version is available under a CC License. at the Free University Berlin’s repository, another version is in preparation. Further details to follow soon.

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